Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the art of employing various methods to raise a website’s position in the organic results of a search. Employing SEO, one should noticeably increase the traffic coming from search engines. There are many aspects of a website that affect the amount of traffic it receives. Aspects such as: a website’s content and whether or not it is current. Which back links are attached. Which keywords are used. The topic of the search. The type of search( is it a local search? An image or news search? a video search? an academic search? or perhaps an industry specific vertical search?

Search engines have two goals- 1. To crawl websites in order to build their indexes. 2. To use a complex algorithm to calculate research results.

SEO is also the term for the person employing SEO changes to a website. SEO methods are used to tighten the focus of a website. To edit the site’s contents, HTML, and the coding associated with it. To raise the importance of certain terms in a website and to remove any obstacles to a search engine’s crawling activities.

Most SEO strategies are classified either as white hat or black hat strategies. White hat strategies are recommended by Google and considered good design that conforms to Google’s guidelines. Black hat methods are not recommended by Google and are underhanded methods to raise a site’s ranking. An example would be hiding text in the pages of a website. Using black hat methods can cause Google to fine a site or require certain changes before it will be accepted by Google.

Here are some final tips to raise the position of a site in Google’s search results. A. Unique and tightly focused page titles. B. The use of descriptive meta-tags. C. Improve your site’s structure. D. Improve the navigation of your site. E. Make sure your contents are fresh and current. F. Use correct anchor text. G. Employee graphics appropriately. Finally,
H. Guide mobile users by having a mobile friendly website.